The world needs your ideas at #SpaceApps 2017!

Save The Date

Space Apps is back! Join us on April 29-30 for the 2017 International Space Apps Challenge. Last year’s hackathon was our largest yet, with more than 160 events and 15,000 people participating across 6 continents. We’re excited to continue the tradition of inviting students and professionals, engineers and artists, coders and storytellers from all corners of the globe to join in. This year, our global community of thousands will be focused on tackling challenges that hit close to home...

We’re proud to announce the theme for Space Apps 2017: Earth!

Earth is a complex and dynamic system that still holds many mysteries. Year round, NASA helps shed light on Earth’s many components including oceans, terrains, and living things. With unique vantage points in air and in space, NASA collects high-quality data covering all parts of the planet over time to tell us more about the world we live in, and to predict the future processes on Earth.

Now, we invite you to be a part of this scientific exploration, as we unleash NASA’s data to problem solvers across the globe. We want you to join us in discovering our home planet at the International Space Apps Challenge 2017!

We want you to host or attend a Space Apps 2017 event in YOUR community.

Click to apply now to host a local event and bring Space Apps 2017 to your city, or save the date and be sure to register for an event when participant registration opens later this spring.

Are you ready to be a part of the Space Apps community? Are you a problem solver? Do you like to experiment with an idea, just to see where it might lead? Do you wish you could more easily team up with others? Then come aboard, have some fun, test your limits, and see what we can achieve together.

See what happens when you bring your ideas to the table to solve some of the challenges we face on Earth. Collaborate with friends, family, and creators of all walks of life to propel your idea into something bigger, more valuable, more useful to the entire world.

Each and every human has experience, expertise, and a personal stake in increasing our understanding of our sole home planet.  Citizen scientists and data enthusiasts all over the world are a massive untapped resource – we invite you to use NASA’s Earth science data and resources to help tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow
NASA Earth Science Director, Michael Freilich.

So save the date — April 29-30, 2017 — and join us for what we hope will be the biggest hackathon yet. The world needs your ideas!

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SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.