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The Challenge | What’s for Dinner?

Map the life cycle of your favorite food product or dish, and put on your chef’s hat to create its most environmentally sustainable version!


An innovative crowdsourcing application that allows you to sell what you have grown in your farm to your neighbors. It also gives a smart hardware solution to monitor your crops.


Knowing the origin of the food you're buying is a really important issue, especially for our country. Italy is known as the best country in the world for food, however today many foreign products enter our country with an Italian flag already on top of them. We need a way to certify what we are buying and a little mark on a package should not be sufficient. We need a new place where we can buy only local food. We propose to you the solution, we propose to you Ortify.

What is Ortify?

Ortify is an app that allows you to sell and buy fruits and vegetables to and from your neighbors, so you can be sure where your food comes from and how it was grown. It is really easy to create a new profile and start adding your products, as easy as buying some fruits from the farmer next to you.

Many of you are probably thinking “It does sound like a cool idea, but gardens and I do not really get along. What should I do?” Do not worry. Our team of programmers developed a device specifically for this reason. The device will collect data from its surroundings and send it to an Arduino. From here, with the data on weather from NASA, the Arduino will send specific instructions on how to treat your crops through the app.The app will tell what to do and when to do it, making it easier than ever to take care of your garden. Finally, our system allows the device to evaluate the final product and to certify its quality, thanks to the acquired data.

In conclusion, our product introduces a way of producing, selling, and certifying food, while avoiding waste. We believe in the power of crowd sourcing and we hope to sensitize people about the importance of local food.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.