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Build a tool that allows a user to virtually experience riding on any one of NASA’s current Earth observing satellites and allow for co-localization of data from various instruments.


SpaceGo is a virtual reality experience on riding one of NASA’s Earth observing satellite.


Space Go is an application which focuses on letting the users experience the feeling of being in outer space using virtual reality. This does not require high-end equipment and anyone can install this on their smart phones and have the virtual reality experience using Google Cardboard.

  • Virtual Reality Support – Virtual Reality support brings to the users an experience like non-other giving a more realistic experience to users in 3D
  • Support for multiple platforms – allows the same software to be distributed in many other platforms including other mobile platforms and PCs.
  • Auditory Guidance – gives important details about the earth and satellites and reasons for changes in the earth.
  • Learn - Experience the astronauts view of the earth, satellites, asteroids and other space debris as they pass by you.
  • Co-location – Provides a video feed of how the other satellites that are near the user see the earth on the small screen in the view area. The user can look at the same spot on the earth from different angles using this.
  • A look into the past – A screen in the view area shows any available satellite photos of the location the user is moving over so that the user can see how much the earth had changed.
  • Fly through space vs. Satellite Ride– Fly through space allows the user to move in the orbit without a satellite so that they can experience the space without the satellites blocking the view.

The Opportunity for NASA

SpaceGo creates platform for general public to involve in space travel especially to get to know on their habitat planet earth. Though SpaceGo, we are intended to serve the NASA’s long term objective of new generations of astronauts, engineers and many more motivated individuals. Apart from that by being an educational platform on space exploration centralized on earth and earth related matters, we are also intended to server NASA’s objective of space education.

The Future

The app is intended to improve in terms of graphics and content with more educational information incorporated. Apart from that, we hope to provide with more attraction to the app through the introduction of new adventurous tours.

Our next stop is a travel to the Mars. Keep counting.

SpaceGo prototype can be found here:

Website :

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APK for the app :


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.