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Compare NASA Earth science data with data about people and tell your own story of human-environment interactions!

Pixel Planet Life


PPL(Pixel Planet Life)

Everything is changing ... Life makes more and more iterations in a space-time continuum. Life does not have the "Backspace" button. The evaluation of the present is conducted through a comparison with the results, which were obtained in the past.
People, like pixels on the map, are particles in this complex mechanism of life. Each person is unique, but you can realize it only by uniting everyone.
The main question: Is it possible to apply the "merge[people]" command to a person?
Modern computing technologies and the power of human thought are unquestionably capable to solve the problem. If not now, when? If not we, who? PPL will help you to find uniqueness! We took the first step towards our goal, which based on the 9 and 15 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). Do you want to know how? You'll see at hackathon;)


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