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The Challenge | When Landslides Strike

Design an easy-to-use tool to allow the public to discover and understand landslide data, and to contribute their own observations for use by emergency managers.


SlideScape is a mobile application designed to minimize the number of fatalities caused by landslides all over the world. This app provides information about the landslides around the world and has the potential to optimize the rescue process.

The Arktech & Friends

As we can see the Earth is alive and it is constantly changing and remodeling.

One of the most dangerous situations that can occur is a landslide.

SlideScape is an ideal mobile app designed to inform users about landslides around the world, that can allow users to have an easy lisibility about this topic.This app provides information about the landslides around the world, giving many details (geolocalisation, scale of dame, type of landslide...).

People that are interested to study the activities of the land over all the world, tourists that plan to make a trip and see if the place is safe (and many other users) can use this app.

The application also comes up with a crowdsource optimization of the rescue process.If a natural landslide hazard occurs in your vicinity, the application will react and check if you are aware, conscious, safe and even check if people around you can help you or help them.

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