What is NASA's International Space Apps Challenge?

Space Apps is an international hackathon that occurs over 48 hours in cities around the world. Coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists, and everyone enthusiastic about space come together to address challenges we face on Earth and in space! 

Now, we invite you to be a part of this exciting, collaborative scientific exploration, as we unleash NASA’s data to problem solvers across the globe. Join us on April 29-30 for the 2017 International Space Apps Challenge, with challenges to better understand our home planet, Earth!

Last year’s hackathon was our largest yet, with more than 160 events and 15,000 people participating across 6 continents. We’re excited to continue the tradition of inviting students and professionals, beginners and veterans from all corners of the globe to join in. 

We want you to participate in a Space Apps 2017 event in YOUR community.

Participant registration is now open! Click here to view Space Apps 2017 locations to find an event near you and sign up.

The Space Apps Global Organizing Team: Who Are We?

Meet the faces behind the Space Apps 2017 initiative! 


Shobhana Gupta, MD, PhD, is a physician scientist, currently serving as an American Association for the Advancement of Science’s (AAAS’s) Science and Technology Policy Fellow at NASA, where she uses her biomedical training to manage NASA’s Health and Air Quality Applied Sciences Program research portfolio.  With a passion for innovation and citizen engagement in science, Shobhana (AKA "Shobsat" on our blog!) proudly leads NASA's International Space Apps Challenge.  Shobhana completed her medical and graduate training at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, and trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University School of Medicine in the Department of Neurology.


Blake Garcia works on global innovation programs at NASA’s partner firm, SecondMuse, and has been part of the Space Apps team since 2015. Blake believes in the power and necessity of collaboration between diverse actors to drive innovation and meaningfully address complex global challenges. He is inspired by the Space Apps community and everyone who hacks to pull off Space Apps.


Sarah Hemmings ("Hembot," if you read our blog) is a research scientist with the Universities Space Research Association and the NASA Applied Sciences Program (Earth Science Division) at NASA Headquarters.  As an ecologist with a background in environmental health science, international relations, and communications, she is always on the lookout for experiences that complement personal interests in health disparities, environmental and infectious disease, and international development.

DavarDavar Ardalan is Director of Storytelling & Engagement at SecondMuse and a leader in immersive storytelling around citizen science, big data, food and nutrition, ocean health, and materials innovation.   As a veteran journalist and former digital media strategist at NPR's Identity and Culture unit, Ardalan’s real-time digital campaigns reached millions on Twitter and Facebook across the globe.

Lauren squareLauren Cater is an Open Innovation Associate at NASA's partner firm, SecondMuse. With a background in geography and global studies, she is excited to be part of the Space Apps team, where she provides support to the growing community of innovators seeking to address complex challenges on Earth and in space. 

MattMatt Scott is a Digital Storyteller at SecondMuse. Scott produces creative promotional efforts, whether blogs, video interviews, live streams, or social media content, for the purpose of global social and environmental impact. In this role, Scott combines his digital marketing experience from the agriculture, arts and entertainment, automotive, education, and health fields with the latest storytelling vehicles, taking a people-first approach.

Neisan thumbNeisan is the Director of Data and Strategic Programs at NASA’s partner organization SecondMuse. He has 10 years of experience implementing data innovation programs with leading development and technology organizations such as Intel, NASA, NYCEDC, UNEP and the World Bank Group. His areas of expertise include big data, corporate strategy, civic tech, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Neisan is passionate about addressing complex development challenges through collaboration, human-centered design and technology.

Highlights from Past Mission Reports

Collage of photographs from Past Space Apps Challenge Events featuring participants, hosts and astronauts.

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