How to Develop a WINNING Space Apps Solution!

IdeatingYou heard the call and you are ready to answer it.  

You have your crew.  

You have registered.  

Your computers are charged, your pencils sharpened.

You picked a challenge.  Or the challenge picked you.


You have the passion, the talent, and the knowledge – so how can you put it together to develop a winning Space Apps solution?  

Here are some tips from the very people who will be judging your solutions, so listen closely!

Space Apps solutions are typically judged based on the following criteria— all equally important:

Impact: How much impact (quality and quantity) can this project have? Does it solve a big problem or a little problem?

Creativity: How creative is the approach? Is the project new and something that hasn’t been attempted before? Is it something that isn't being addressed by the current market?

Product: How well does this project fit the needs of the challenge it addresses? How user-friendly is the technology? Is it a complete solution or does it have a long way to go before being ready to use?

Sustainability: How good is the plan for next steps? How prepared is the project team to continue their work beyond the event? OR, Is the project organized in a way so others can take the project to the next level?

Presentation: How well did the team communicate their project? Are they effective in telling the story of the project and why it is important? 

CrowdWhile many Space Apps teams consider the first four criteria carefully and excel at developing solutions with great potential, the best of these teams pay equal attention to the final criterion, presentation.  After all, how can your solution make a difference if you can’t convince people to see your idea and implement it?

We recommend devoting time and resources to develop your pitch and build a great story around your project.  Be sure to recruit team members with expertise in storytelling, design, and other means to capture your project and share the value of your solution!

For all you on-the-ground participants at a Space Apps location, the 240 Seconds of Glory guide below should help you develop the perfect pitch to give your audience on Sunday.

240 Seconds of Glory

For virtual participants, you will be making a 30-second video to pitch your challenge solution, so refer to the 30-Seconds of Glory guide below for some tips.  The two global nominees and the one people's choice nominee from each Space Apps location will also be making a video, so keep this post tagged!

30 Seconds of Glory

Best of luck, Space Apps Crew!  

T-2 Days to Blastoff at Bootcamp!!!


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.