Digital Wolves | Let's go to the Beach!

Hackathon Managua UAM

Awards & Nominations

Digital Wolves has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Local Peoples' Choice Winner
Global Nominee

The Challenge | Let's go to the Beach!

Build a tool for beach-goers to monitor for hazards and to alert them of precautionary measures for protection on their swim- and surf-filled adventures!


You'll be able to check the weather, the intensity of the UV radiation and the time in which the sun sets and rises. With it, people will be able to receive notifications of tsunami and earthquake alerts. Our purpose is to save as many lives as possible.

Digital Wolves

Project GitHub:
Waves GitHub Repository

What we learned from this experience:
We learned about the importance of teamwork. While, developing this app together we acquired the knowledge of awareness of the risks that all of us take when we are going to the beach.

We acquired the climate information from open weather and yahoo weather. The map information from Google Maps. The beach pictures from free landing pages of the corresponding places. The icons were obtained from free icon pages.


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