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The Challenge | Let's go to the Beach!

Build a tool for beach-goers to monitor for hazards and to alert them of precautionary measures for protection on their swim- and surf-filled adventures!

FREC 2020 (Flying Robo Earth Cleaner)

Automated artificial intelligence integrated into drone designed to clean large water basins.


That is our project - FREC 2020. Flying Robot Earth Cleaner
Have you guys ever considered how many coastlines are out there? And how much human waste and plastic is being thrown every year and causing problems. Many problems. One of the greatest problems is ruining animal's natural living places. Where they rest, where they hunt, or where they lay eggs. 86 % of the animals that live near coastlines and shallows have eaten at least once something plastic. For about 25 % of them - its fatal. We must stop that. Because ecosystem is one really powerful and meaningful thing that humans cannot fully understand. We must take care of the Mother Nature. Why not now? Why not here.

Introducing: FREC 2020
Automated system of ground robot and a drone who work together to collect human waste from large water basins.
The "mother robot" who walks on the ground is just like a Moonwalker. Walking on the sand, coordinating with the drone using GPS and sensors. Playing the role of the main robot and battery charger. Also container where the drone can throw collected waste and land on it's board.
The drone, using sensors and artificial intelligence will first scout the whole area about to 100m2 and pin where the human waste is, and calculates the size of it. Can it grab it? Can it hold it? The calculating algorithms will be the judges.

Also, there is idea where we motivate children and the new generation to have more interest in cleaning pollution and understanding technologies. Imagine if we show these drones to the new generation. For some of them, it will be something that is not interesting. But for a part of them - it will light a spark for a better thinking and many ways to learn about how drones work, how programming work. We will organize competitions where the people will clean areas with much pollution. Who gathers more waste - wins the competition and awards. That will stimulate people to have fun when helping the Earth and cleaning the animal's living places. What is better than that?


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