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Evaluate environmental, social, and economic data to design tools and plan blueprints for smart and connected rural and urban settlements.

Technological City

As we produced many things from one solution to live smarter like: Energy, Water and Transportation.



As we knew that the electricity demand hit a record daily high of 27.700 megawatts, 20% more than powers stations would provide.
Water uses in many fields especially in agriculture and industry with a big quantities so we need to treat the waste water or find new resources of water to save much water for these fields.

Egypt losses about 12000 lives due to road traffic.

Egypt where we find a lot of Transports filled of people and the People are standing in it.

The pollution ratio it is about 78.97%.

Pollution is a hard grand challenge as it comes from other challenges and it shortens the life span and disperses people intellects; Pollution is divided into (air, water, soil, nuclear, light, noise).

The agricultural land base consists of old lands in the Nile Valley and Delta, new lands reclaimed from the desert since 1952, rain fed areas, and several oases where groundwater is used for irrigation.

The Nile River is the main and almost exclusive source of surface water in Egypt. Agriculture depends on the Nile water and consumes between 80 and 85% of its annual water supply.

Public health is the science of disease prevention in order to protect people from threats to their life. Public health is a very important issue in the world, specifically in Egypt. Egypt faces a number of ongoing health challenges. Egypt has particularly high rates of Hepatitis C (22%), one of the highest worldwide (Pakistan (4.8%), China (3.2%)).

The possible impact of climate change on Egypt is manifold, including undermining development efforts, raising poverty levels, increased water and food insecurity, and increased environmental refugees.

Climate change is concerned with how carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases are altering the global climate system. Ozone depletion, on the other hand, involves how certain industrially produced chemicals containing chlorine or bromine are damaging the earth's protective stratospheric ozone layer.

Egypt has seen industrial renaissance in the nineteenth century by Mohammed Ali, but Egypt is considered now underdeveloped state in the field of industry despite being the first among Arab countries.

At the time of the 1952 revolution was much further advanced industrially than any other Arab country or indeed any country in Africa except South Africa.

We made a solution that could solve most of the obstacles we face. It is a bus. This bus firstly will solve transportation challenge by reducing the ratio of accidents using simple sensors:

-IR sensor.

-Sound sensor.

-Ultrasonic sensor.

IR Sensor:
We can put this sensor in the bus and draw the line in the street and the bus will move along this line without the driver so we will make the transport process easier also save our money, the environment and make the transport process faster and clean with very low cost material.

Sound Sensor:

To make control of the robot easier to the people we will put Sound sensor in our prototype to make the ability of stopping or moving when we clapped or by voice.

Put the specific motion audio that we need. Finally we put it in the Arduino program in the code, after that the people can stop the robot (The bus) easily, moving the robot (The bus) easily as well with cheap materials and high efficiency.

Ultrasonic sensor:

We found in our idea that we will reduce the rate of accidents in Egypt so we do some researches; finally we found this sensor that can read the bodies which will be in front of the robot (The bus) which can send X rays when the Robot moving, if somebody cut this X rays this sensor will send the signals to the Arduino to make any function that we need , I put in the code when anybody cut the X rays along 2 meters , the robot will stop until this body go away from the bus. We will use a chargeable batteries that need to charge with electricity.

We will save this electricity by an effective and low costed idea and it is easy to applicate.

-We charged the batteries by electricity that results from The generators that we put into the chimney that rotate due to smokes so we will get energy from wind turbines. -The peltier element that converts heat into electricity through semiconductors on it so we get enough energy to use.

Also we produced portable water by using the heat of the reaction to evaporate the polluted water and condensate the water through condensation station then collect the water in tanks and add moringa seeds.

Moringa seeds have some properties that make purification to water as:

Coagulate: That make the moringa seeds attractive the particles of mud and Impurities around them.

Antimicrobial: It destroys the harmful microorganisms in the water and destroy those effects.

We used This treated water in watering plants it will be automatic through using arduino depending on soil moisture sensor with central pivot irrigation system which is considered to be a highly efficient system which helps conserve water where machine or arm moves in a circular pattern and is fed with water from the pivot point at the center of the circular land.


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In addition to the help of some engineers in the prototype and the app that we made.

Challenges we faced in our Team to get here:
1-some problems in managing time.
2-sending tasks before the deadline.
3-the misunderstanding between the members sometimes.

The challenges we faced:
it is called Live Smart.

The problems that we worked on are:

Energy, water, Environment, transportation, Agriculture, health, climate change and industry.

All these are factors that we developed to make Egypt leading nation again.


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