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The Challenge | Live Smart

Evaluate environmental, social, and economic data to design tools and plan blueprints for smart and connected rural and urban settlements.

Living Smart, Living Together

Living and working together globally

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Our Take on the Challenge

For this challenge, we wanted to incorporate three major elements: housing, energy, and education, as well as a viable solution to free worldwide Internet.


We chose to go with cargo containers.

  • They are durable
  • They can withstand extreme weather and earthquakes
  • They are more secure, making them harder to break in to
  • Best utilization of land availability in urban settings
  • They can be converted and completed in 2-4 weeks


There is no one good solution to the energy needs given the various ecological and financial obstacles. However, we did narrow it down to the following four.

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Geo-thermal
  • Hydroelectric

Agricultural Education

Making the Internet available for free worldwide, a database we have named AgKnow would be constructed to store the following information

  • Techniques of farming (using both old school and modern technology)
  • A searchable how-to for beginners
  • Research information to new, viable options for irrigation, growing cycles, pesticides, and new genetic research being conducted

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