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Cool IT

A solution to keeping the cold outside and not in your home.

Cool It Out

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About The Project

Are you freezing and the landlord isn’t responding to your texts and phone calls? We are proposing a way to alert the landlord without you having to pick-up your phone or fill out a complaint online form. The application will be registered with the city, and hopefully in the future we will move to having direct access to the cities information system network. The Coolit system will alert the landlord when temperatures inside drop below the regulated temperatures set by the NY Housing Preservation and Development Department; therefore, prompting an increase to the heating levels indoors.

New York City require landlords to keep a stable temperature indoors between October 1st to May 31st, i.e. “Heat Season”. During the hours of 6a-10pm landlords must keep the living area 68°, when the temperature outside drops below 55°; and during the hours of 10p-6a the temperature must remain 55° or higher inside when temperatures reach below 40° outside. As this may not seem like an impossible task, there are those who may not adhere to this mandate. For many NYC tenants who are: unsuccessful with contacting their landlord, fear repercussions from landlords, unaware of tenant rights, and are tired of the run around from landlords; this unique system will do the hard work.

Unsolved problems or major hurdles team had to overcome:

  • Due to the lack of time, we were unable to build a functioning application by deadline, because we spent a lot of time working with the hardware and compatibility issues.
  • We experienced issues with MRAA module/LIBMRAA0 not connecting properly and setting up the XDK server port.

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