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Evaluate environmental, social, and economic data to design tools and plan blueprints for smart and connected rural and urban settlements.


Many Nicaraguan communities are isolated from the big cities. This represents a challenge for us when we try to develop as a country. EduCenter will provide infrastructures to these hard-to-access communities, establishing efficient communication channels.

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In Nicaragua many communities are totally isolated from the big cities. The country men that live in this communities are not getting the full benefits of their land, and are still living in harsh conditions. The communities are hard to reach for geological purposes; but are disconnected because of their lack of education.


We have identified a number of issues that we consider are imperative to tackle:

1- Sustainable agriculture: farmers are not using the lands full potential, and are not taking into account that certain products can damage the soil if planted consecutively for a number of years.

2-Intelligent water management: Farmers are not using the most efficient water irrigation systems, leading to big amounts of water being wasted.

3- High level of contamination of water, soil and air: by pesticides that are overused and negatively affect the biodiversity of the field.

4- Lack of school in rural communities.

5- Bad nutrition in the rural communities.

6- Difficult schedules for students that actively work the land

7-Lack of teacher that can impart classes in mother tongues.

8- Incompetency of schools.

9-Lack of knowledge of healthy practices and sustainable development.

10-Lack of prestigious education.


TO CREATE EDUCENTERs THAT WILL IMPART KNOWLEDGe of the 3 main issues of why these communities are disconnected and promote sustainable development in the process.

1-Teach farmers Sustainable agriculture.

2-Impart knowledge of intelligent irrigation systems.

3- Promote the use of organic fertilizers.

4-Impart classes, and prepare students to pursuit a college education.

5-Promote healthy eating habits.

6- Be flexible with schedules in times of harvest, so the working force can attend classes at the most optimal time of the day.

7- Create teachers that can impart classes in the mother tongues for the next generation in their communities.

8-Emphasize in the importance of receiving a good education and having competent schools.

9- Educate farmers on healthy practices and sustainable development.

10-Good quality of education.



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