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Evaluate environmental, social, and economic data to design tools and plan blueprints for smart and connected rural and urban settlements.


Globally connected farms to solve food insecurity.


Feedr will reduce over and under supply of crops to market, making farming more efficient. In doing so, farmer's incomes will be more stable as market prices fluctuate less. As crop surplus reduces, food waste will reduce too. This means that Feedr will help the world's food producers to meet the 70% increase in production that is required by 2050, as 40% of land is currently used for food production (Source: UN Food & Agriculture Organisation).

Feedr recommends which crops to sow each season, For each farmer. This recommendation is made using a crop yield prediction model and trends in farmer's crop choices for the coming season.

The prediction model uses satellite data, indicating the quality environment in which the crop is growing, to predict the quantity of the yield at each farm, for whatever crops are growing there. The farmer can choose to buy a sensor kit, designed by the Feedr team, which takes measurements of the environment at their farm. These measurements increase the accuracy of the model and therefore the quality of the advice that Feedr can give to the farmer.

The prediction model allows suppliers and distributors to plan in advance how to distribute their produce, to counteract the shortage or surplus before market prices change to reflect it.

Farmers use Feedr through a web-app, where they can see the crop recommendation for their farm, but also input which crops they plan to sow in the next season. This information is used to show the trends in farmer's crop choices, which may influence crop choices, in a feedback system. Connecting farmers in this way will reduce crop oversupply.

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Feedr Prediction Module - Github

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