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Local Peoples' Choice Winner

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Evaluate environmental, social, and economic data to design tools and plan blueprints for smart and connected rural and urban settlements.

CFC free wastage made refrigerator

We made a refrigerator without using any metal or electricity which doesn't emit CFC, HCFC. We are recycling wooden hydrophylic fruit carton & jute sacks.


we observed that the second largest user of electricity is fridge which is also costly. so we try to reduce the cost & save the electricity. For this we invented a metal free refrigerator cause after 100 years metal resource will be finished.We use jute which is natural goods.

Resource:Wooden fruit cartoon,Moldy Jute sacks, Water,Recycling wood

Problem: 1) Public think that its a Freezer but its a refrigerator

2) To make it cleft less was difficult

3) 2.5*150 kg jute sacks is rare


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