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NEXUS CITY - Valencia 2030

"NEXUS CITY - Valencia 2030" provides cities with an open-source platform with solutions to improve the efficiency of futures metropolitan areas. Project developed by engineers, architects and designers from Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain).

NEXUS CITY - Valencia 2030

NEXUS CITY is an innovative open-source platform offering solutions addressed to cities in need of improving their efficiency to be ready for the future. The following approach takes place in Valencia (Spain) 2030, and its core is based on the implementation of an algorithm similar to the organic behaviour of a hearth. By one side, through the creation of an intelligent signalization system, according to traffic needs, it will permit a road optimization, reporting benefits to the population in terms of time, money and safety. By the other side, through changing the concept of energy sourcing of cities by creating battery-buildings which receive electrical energy from solar panels placed over all the buildings.

NEXUS CITY shares its information and experience-based learning with the citizens and relatives cities to spread the real time information through transportation facilities.

An alive, connected and smart city.



On one side, through the creation of a virtual signalling system, that will allow the optimization of the traffic flow according to the needs of all users, resulting in benefits for the population in terms of time, money and safety. For that purpose, a powerful algorithm has been implemented: smart beacons communicate with vehicles and transmit the needs of all users to a central computation node, which optimizes the directions of the streets showing each vehicle the best path to get to the destination via head-up displays, adding flexibility to the traffic management system.


On the other side, by changing the concept of energy distribution in cities by creating “battery-buildings” which receive electrical energy from renewable sources distributing it optimally in the city and its neighbourhoods, matching supply with demand.


Nexus City is an open-source toolkit that rewrites the concept of smart cities. The aim is, basically, to improve people’s quality of life. Whether based on algorithms or on artificial intelligence, the strong point of this project is the modularity of it: this set of solutions will not only be useful for Valencia, but for all cities of tomorrow. Valencia 2030 is just the first step, these technologies are available for all cities interested in joining this movement.



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