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Local Peoples' Choice Winner

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Seism is a simulating earthquake and sharing tips application



Japan has faced many earthquakes until now. Overcoming them, we have acquired knowledge on earthquake countermeasures and disaster prevention technologies. We want to disseminate knowledge to the world.

Then, we developed an application, which has named “Seism”.


Seism can simulate earthquakes by collecting and sharing tips’ application.

Earthquake simulator

Simulator uses observation coordinates, epicenter coordinates and magnitude parameter. Users can set pin by clicking on the map. Set the parameters in the popup appearing on the pin.

When the simulation has executed, it displays the seismic intensity, tips about the earthquake and the seismic intensity distribution observed at the observation point.

Collecting tips system

Tips about the earthquake are collected from Twitter. The bot searches with a hashtag and automatically collects the search result. The result will be classified into “appropriate” or “not appropriate” categories by natural language processing filter. The data stored in the database will be displayed as tips to simulate seismic intensity.


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