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The Challenge | Pilots Plus

Provide private aircraft pilots and passengers with an easy-to-use tool that gives information about the land underneath their flight plans.

Sky Walker

Helping you discover what's rigth under your feet




We are the AirCot (Code+Cat) team. Today we would like to show you a new world view. Imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable airplane chair flying from rainy Moscow to sunny Madrid. Imagined it? And now let's draw our way. Do you see what we see? Have you noticed this? Look, what a vast territory we fly by. How many countries, cultures and cities. Cozy narrow streets, noisy and vibrant megacities, green parks and reserves. Now imagine, if you could see all the beauty like you walk through these places, enjoying the views, history and the atmosphere of everything right under your feet.

Inspired by this idea, we present you the ‘Sky Walker’ project. This application allows you to determine and explore all the interesting things around the whole way.


1. Press MAP (note the destination)

2.The app builds you a path between two dots)

3.The application notes pins of interest. Click on it and read information about it.

In the future:

* Get GPS coordinates to monitor the current coordination and build the following objects along the way in a radius.

* We plan to add data caching for offline use.

* As plains do not flight in a straight line we plan to process information about all “flight lines” and build an “average”

* Configure airport and sights databases parsing system.

* Include better visualization:use VR to look at places during the flight, use 3D visualisation on map

* Make some tours of the most interesting places

* We can produce ability to look not only down, but also upward to be inspired by stars, constellations.

Our aim is to help YOU explore our beautiful planet. And to inspire YOU to travel around the world!



SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.