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Provide private aircraft pilots and passengers with an easy-to-use tool that gives information about the land underneath their flight plans.


Plavana is an inclusively designed tool that integrates seamlessly into an aircraft to provide information about features of interest on the ground and locate safe emergency landing zones. It aims to make the inflight experience richer and more accessible.


We’re Team Chutney, here to revamp flying, making it safer and more accessible with Plavana. Our system identifies areas safe for emergency landings in-real time as the need arises, based on elevation and terrain data, to aid the instant decision of the pilot. This same system, implemented for passengers, helps to identify locations of interest as they fly over them. Adaptations including change of colors for text and background, font sizes and character spacing for the dyslexic, ensure that all can enjoy their flight.

The salient features are as follows:
  1. In redesigning the in-flight user experience, we have paid attention to all facets, right down to the exit signs being redesigned to accommodate the dyslexic.
  2. Passengers will have the thrilling in-flight experience of being able to appreciate landmarks of geographic, historical, or social importance. They get to see the world not as a series of paths between destinations, but as a rich tapestry of cultures and natural wonder.
  3. Seamlessly update the on-board system. No extra hardware required.
Making in-flight experience richer and accessible to all: Considerations for dyslexic people

To accommodate the dyslexic people, Plavana in-flight system has an option with the following features:

  • Larger font sizes (ranging from 18 to 24 points)
  • Larger character spacings (up to +7% - +14%)
  • Texts with no grey scales
  • Maintain standard character spacing and 44 characters per line column width
  • Dark colored text on a light (not white, rather yellow) background.

Making flights safer: helping the pilot make instant decisions

  • In extreme cases, engine failure for example, the plane has to be landed immediately in way that results in least casualties. This, in fact, depends on the decision making of the pilot.
  • Our system, provides data in real time, showing areas that are safer to land and which areas to avoid, by factoring in the Topographic Position Index, type of land, while the Flight management systems installed in the airplanes will provide optimum flight paths based on elevation of the airplane, fuel available, air currents.
The Future

The system can be expanded with more content around the earth. We would add adaptability of the system for blind people so that they can also get to experience the lively earth beneath the plane, in ways never imagined.

The system may be the launchpad for other facilities, aimed at making the world's beauty accessible and perpectible by all. These apps can then be made more relevant for different age groups through more complex content and different facilites that resonates with a particular age group.

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Resources used:

  • Google Maps API
  • Google Knowledge Graph API
  • Google Places API
  • OpenStreetMaps
  • Leaflet JS
  • FlightRadar24 API



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