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The Challenge | Pilots Plus

Provide private aircraft pilots and passengers with an easy-to-use tool that gives information about the land underneath their flight plans.


The main goal of our project is to increase the awareness of species near the verge of extinction. We are creating an intellectual entertainment,playable during the air flights,to improve user experience while using the IFE. But things became more serious!


Project Overview


Challenge: Pilots Plus

Team Group:

Group Leader: Roberta Avino

Group Member: Stefano Apuzzo, Luca Carmisciano, Onder Erguven , Luigi Fornaro, Evgheni Schiopu

Team Built:

  • Engage: Brainstorm referred to the challenge. Choice of objectives and results to be achieved. Individuation of the main issues to be dealt.

  • Investigation: Target identification. Research of the main flights, data relating to pilots and passengers, animals in danger, areas with the higher number of endangered animals, major issues related to the extinction. Design of a prototype using Marvel app.

  • Implementation: Implementing a dynamic, interactive prototype using Sketch. Implementation of an application in Swift for iPad, referring to the prototype. Creating an animated story using Origami Studio

  • Presentation: Create your presentation in Keynote, adding videos from prototyping, live demos and animated video. Preparation of the speech.

List of software used:

List of resources:


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