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Global Finalist (Most Inspirational)

The Challenge | Pilots Plus

Provide private aircraft pilots and passengers with an easy-to-use tool that gives information about the land underneath their flight plans.

Rahhala رحّاله

mobile app, it displays information relevant to the plane's route to raise awareness about earth in an interactive and intelligent way. As well as provide photos, video, articles and VR experience to users based on their interests (e.g. history, sport etc)

The perfect team

How do you spend your long flights? Probably the same way you grandpa used to, reading a book, watching a movie or looking through the window ! But during your flight you pass above our wonderful earth where every place has its unique culture, historical stories and amazing landscape. Yet, you know nothing about it!

Rahala focuses in providing a VR experience for all travelers to travel through time, takes you in an amazing historical and geographical journey to all the places you pass by in your route. Rahala existed because of the huge data made available by nasa earth, google places and VR, ibm weather and wikipedia APIs.

How To :

  1. enter your flight number and choose your topic of interest prior to takeoff
  2. Along the route, the app shall display information from the plane’s current location. This information could be in the field of the passenger’s interest or a general environmental awareness topic, in the form of:
    • Articles. -> Wikipedia articles API
    • Videos.-> Animated NASA earth images
    • Images.-> NASA earth observatory API
    • VR videos. -> VR oculus
  3. The system shall produce summary of the route’s information after flight arrives.
  4. The system Shall Delete all information after landing

ًWith Rahala no more fight over window seat , all passengers are window seated with VR.

Future Plan : using data about users preferences and interests to help airlines identify there costumers.

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SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.