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The Challenge | Pilots Plus

Provide private aircraft pilots and passengers with an easy-to-use tool that gives information about the land underneath their flight plans.


Travelearn will provide you full Information about everything you are flying above.. and everything flying Above you


We've always wanted the seat next to the window. The idea of flying over cities and knowing that each point you pass over has so many to tell was always fascinating. So why not get the most of this experience and make the ordinary flight a thing that is both fun and inspiring? Why not know what's above, and what's below?

Travelearn will provide you full Information about Everything you are Flying Above, with Travelearn you will discover:

  • The area underneath you.. what is it ?
  • All information about The country you are above (Currency, Language, Population.. etc).
  • How happy are they ? :D
  • Pollution rate.
  • How was it 32 years ago ?
  • how far is the nearest airport in case of an emergency

And not only that!

Travelearn will let you discover all Information about Everything Flying Above you as well.. it will give you:

  • Full Image about the Planetarium above you right in the given date and location
  • How far the is International Space station from you
  • What are nearby asteroids today.
  • What is the closets Galaxy from the earth, and how it looks like ?
  • Are there any satellites flying Above ?
  • The current state of the moon

Simply.. you will have a 360ْ discovery experience during your trip. offline just by enter your flight number Travelearn will do some calculation and figure our what are the data you'll need based on your flying rout.

The resources:

What we collected

  • Space
    • Sky-map.prg
  • Earth
    • Wikipedia API

Tools we used

  • Data
    • Alteryx
  • Programming
    • Android Studio
    • Sublime Text

and Our Travelearn is on Play store Now:

and you can find many information we'v collected and shared during the competition to other teams in our Update section.
Our google drive: contain all related information and our presentation.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.