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Map the life cycle of your favorite food product or dish, and put on your chef’s hat to create its most environmentally sustainable version!

Ayumi App

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Ayumi App helps you choose the most sustainable food, prevent food waste and have fun.


In order to fight food waste and famine, we raise awareness and we promote the usage of sustainable food with the app we created called Ayumi. It provides 3 main features each specilly invented to reach our goals:
a) the food analyzer

b) the leftovers compass

c) top picks

First of all the food we will explain the food analyzer. It is a user-friendly tool which analyzes the ecological impact of your food and rates it using information from the NASA databases. It engages the user by leting the user collect the ratings (SP[1]) and compete with their friends to reach the top of the weekly leaderboard and become the Sustainability Master. Basicaly, by eating both more sustainable andeco-friendly food, which as a result has higher rating, you have a greater chance of winning. But because we wanted to inspire our users not only to use eco friendly food, but also to cook such food we added an additional feature to this tool which enables you to unlock eco friendly recipes using your SP.

On one hand we live in a world where 40 % of the food goes uneaten. On the other hand, however, there are 21,000 people who die from starvation on daily basis. Furthermore, 60% of the avoidable food waste occurs at consumer stage. The numbers are alarming.

That's why we created the leftovers finder (leftovers compass). Perhaps, this is the tool of greatest importance because it fights famine by locating different restaurants and stores where you can leave the leftover food. Additionally, on those locations the user can find a QR code and scan it with their mobile device so that they get extra SP.

Finally, eating strawberries on a winter evening in Skopje makes no sense, does it? Imagine how many gases were released in order for it to be transported in Skopje. Or if it was grown locally, how much energy was wasted just to be provided with the right amount of warmth in winter. That's why we createdthe top picks tool. The tool shows which seasonal food products are the best for the current season.

There are numerous future updates we plan such as the:

  • dish lab- a tool which finds a recipe based on the ingredients you already have at home so you can use them before they are spoiled
  • the food provider certification- restaurants and stores that can donate greater amounts of food will become certified

Get the demo on this link: https://invis.io/TPBIETP2E

[1] Sustainability Points







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