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The Challenge | What’s for Dinner?

Map the life cycle of your favorite food product or dish, and put on your chef’s hat to create its most environmentally sustainable version!


Cool the climate - meal by meal.


Project presentation:
The full project description can be found in a Google Docs.


  • Global warming, caused by CO2
  • More than one third of all human-made CO2 emission comes from our food: production, transport, preparation

What can we do?

  • We can not stop an airplane in the sky or a factory on the other side of the world. But what we eat has a big impact - these everyday decisions matter!
  • If we educate our children and learn together with them, we can change our habits and take the right decisions to reduce the usage of the food items with big CO2 footprints.

Teach and entertain the children and learn with them
We all know, that habits are hard to change, so let us make the best from the start. CoolCook should be a platform for children, because they will hold the future knowledge. We can raise awareness, educate and socialise to spread knowledge and change habits. Children love to play and learn, make friends and we want to be good role models for our children and learn together with them.

Socialize with CoolCook, share how many EarthPoints you have earned for the world
Through our webpage and app, children can calculate how many "EarthPoints" a food recipe cost. They also get inspiration and can share recipe. And they learn about the different CO2 footprints and other important factors like: always prefer local, seasonal and ecological food, that have the smallest CO2 footprint.

Fun game
Calculate EarthPoints for selected items and recipes, follow how many EarthPoints you have saved through the week, by comparing your selection of recipes with the average consumer.

How to save EarthPoints

  • EarthPoints are calculated by CO2 emission.
  • Transport length → Choose: Seasonal, local, ecological
  • CO2 during production. Ex. Corn Milling Process.
  • CO2 for any local food preparation (boiling, baking,

But also other factors can be included

  • Water consumption
  • Wrapping of goods

During the week, you select recipes from the game. This will calculate how many EarthPoints you have saved compared to the average consumer.

You can supply new recipes with a low costs of EarthPoints (small CO2 footprint). Each time another user likes your recipe, you get a percentage of that users EarthPoints saving. This will boost the motivation for providing new recipes.

Happy Cooking with CoolCook!

Cool the climate meal by meal


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