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Map the life cycle of your favorite food product or dish, and put on your chef’s hat to create its most environmentally sustainable version!


A gaming-like app that allows you to donate food just by pressing a button and keeping track of your donation's journey across the world. Ending hunger is just one click away.

Sardines for Breakfast

We live in a world where many people need help, in many ways. All around the world, from hunger to social work, people have been volunteering to help, and while this great act of nobility is so appreciated and recognized by those who stay home, we believe that connecting everyone with an engaging app will bring out the best of us, mankind. After all, aren’t we all connected nowadays? All the social media apps, even emergency apps that provide real time strategy to issue problems like fires, earthquakes and so on.

Two goals of Helps:

  • Make the life of those who want to do some charity/ kind of donation easier (even if it’s just some food) and simultaneously challenging them to make more donations;
  • Unite even more volunteering agencies with map integrated images of area coverage and a one click request for assistance.

The app

The 90’s generation is starting to get mature; with 27 to 18-years-old, it will be the next generation in charge. And one might ask: what’s the correlation between an app for helping people and the upcoming generation to rule? Gaming. The big titles we all know and love are from the late 80’s but specially 90’s. Our generation loves gadgets, mini-games, the plug n’ play. Designing an app that allows you to track where your donation is using a GPS system, that notifies you when your donation was received by people in need across the world, that has a level system where donators receive experience points whenever they donate is a great way to engage a gaming generation. Another engaging feature is the “online donation order”, where you can easily request for volunteers to come to your house and collect your food donation. The sky (maybe space, in this case) is the limit for the possibilities of this app: once implemented, it can integrate new features for the greater good. It will help volunteers to do a better job; people will be competing to achieve higher levels and help others at the same time, giving two levels of achievements unlocked. This app could mean the end of hunger, goals that the United Nations wants to reach by 2030.

On the other way, from the volunteer’s perspective, it could integrate features such as marking an area that requires more attention, chat with other volunteers, writing reviews about a certain place or review even colleagues.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.