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Degradable plant containers

Concept for creating a new type of containers that would make possible the cultivation of plants in an artificial environment for regions with adverse weather conditions.


Our idea is related to the global problem of feeding the population, especially in those parts of the world with adverse weather conditions. With this solution we want to attempt to improve life on the planet especially the areas with unfruitful soil can be used in a new way!

Everything in life needs protein to live, and vegetable plants can be a great source of protein! But how we can grow these plants in an unfavorable environment?

The key characteristic of our idea is the cultivation of plants rich in proteins in a new type of degradable containers.

With this solution we hope that we can help hunger in poor soil areas to be reduced!

The Solution

Our solution consist of three parts:

  1. Creation of data base storing information for all plants which are rich in proteins .
  2. Creation of degradable containers for plant cultivation.
  3. Mobile application.

Data Base

We propose firs to create a World Data Base containing all plants which are rich in proteins whose fruit can be consumed. In these Data Base to store the characteristics of each plant as: Percentage of protein content, Substances that are released, Growth conditions, Size and quantity of the production, Minimum area for growth, Life cycle duration, time and conditions for processing of the production, Composition of the waste material.

The information stored in the data Base will be used as an input data for: 1) plant selection according to the weather condition of the geographical region and 2) for mobile application for plant indicators tracking throughout the life cycle.

The Innovation

We propose the creation of degradable containers for plant cultivation. There will be several types of containers that will enter into each other. They will be composed of different minerals and substances depending on the specific soil conditions for cultivation of certain plant. The constituent parts of the container to be adapted to the needs of the plant itself at the various stages of its life cycle. Each of these sub-containers will degrading over a period of time and thus will supply the plant with the resources required. So at the end of the plant's lifecycle the outermost container has remained almost decomposed. For the outer shell can be used spider web.

These degradable containers with seeded plants, rich in proteins, will be placed in a controlled environment. Thus will be building facility with glass walls. The construction of the facility will be considered to the geographical and climatic conditions of the region.

After harvesting, the plant and container residues (if any) with the help of excipients will be use to create a 3D printer thread for creation of new containers.

The Mobile application

A mobile application will be developed in order to be able to trace the different characteristics of the controlled environment and to respond to recorded deviations through automated intervention and/or human factor.

Mobile Application Features:

  1. Plant selection
  2. Subtraction from the data base of the optimal growth condition
  3. Comparison of optimal indicators with those obtained from sensors and cameras in the building facility for containers. Reporting for “bad” values:

- moisture

- temperature

- sunlight

4. Comparison of optimal indicators with those obtained from sensors and cameras in container:

- changes in the level of soil solution

- plant height tracking

- atypical features

The next step

To take our innovation to the next step we will get in touch with like-minded professionals as well as other organizations and associations interested in this idea.


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