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The Challenge | What’s for Dinner?

Map the life cycle of your favorite food product or dish, and put on your chef’s hat to create its most environmentally sustainable version!

Taste Buds

We created a new kind of dating app that saves the planet by reducing “leftover” food

Team Rocket

A third of all food on Earth is thrown away, and the vast majority of it comes from unsustainable sources.By the year 2050 1 in 3 people worldwide will be malnourished; we need to reduce our food wastage.

So we asked ourselves how can we make reducing food wastage interesting?

Research shows that bringing people together to share food vastly reduces the impact of wasted leftovers. Unfortunately if you’re single, it’s impossible to cook dinner and not generate leftovers.

So we invented Taste Buds, a dating app, that saves the planet by reducing leftover food.

The app splits users into the good cooks and the bad cooks. Users then swipe left and right until they find something they like.

The app also goes into detail about the sustainability of the meal, so that users can make informed decisions

When you’re happy, the app takes half the cost of the ingredients from your PayPal account and half from your new friend’s account, and automatically orders the exact ingredients from Coles supermarket, where the ingredients can easily be collected.

You can then message one another to hammer out the details of your date and discus food sustainability with the help of discussion cards about your meal.

The app also takes advantage of Coles affiliate program, which offers a 10% kickback for every purchase you make on their behalf.

Using this money, we can fund food sustainability tech and feed citizens of third world countries with help from Unicef.

Between the app and a number of extensions, Taste Buds has the power to improve the sustainability of our food sources around the world.

Link to prototype (best viewed on mobile):


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