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The Challenge | What’s for Dinner?

Map the life cycle of your favorite food product or dish, and put on your chef’s hat to create its most environmentally sustainable version!


Eat responsibly...Save the Earth


Origin of the Terrabeast...

From far far away in the galaxy, the Terrabeast came to Earth and needs to go back to space! Feed your Terrabeast low carbon footprint foods to send it back home to its galaxy!

Welcome to Terrabeast! Eat responsibly...Save the Earth


With the growing levels of greenhouse gases on the planet, the team wanted to build an app that is both a game and educational where we could show users the impact of every meal they eat every day.

The protein choices that you make at every meal are actually very significant because different protein sources have widely varying levels of CO2 equivalents (CO2e). CO2e is the measure of greenhouse gases emitted throughout a product's entire life cycle.


Terrabeast is a digital pet that grows when you feed it photos of the food that you eat. At mealtimes, your Terrabeast will remind you that it is hungry. Your Terrabeast will also evolve based on the carbon footprint of the food that you feed it.

Quote from an attendee at #SpaceAppsNYC, "My friend said she would feed it worse foods to get the 'bad' Terrabeast because it's so cute." (Disclaimer: we do not advocate this behavior :).

Behind the scenes, Terrabeast uses a combination of user generated data plus Clarifai's AI image recognition app, plus the CO2e database for food.

Stay tuned for more features, including nutritional information, league tables, #terrabeast on social media, and more Terrabeasts!

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