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Create a medium to help people understand energy output from a solar panel, and a tool to plan energy consumption based on expected energy output from solar technologies.

Sunshine - A Cross Platform Application

We developed an application that takes panel parameters as inputs and predicts the outputs along with listing the priority order of devices that the user uses according to maximum output available for a particular period. User can change the details..


This project is developied using ionic 2 framework which is based on the popular and recent Angular 2 frontend framework.This is a cross platform application and hence it can be built to multiple platforms.

In the application, we have connected it with firebase which provides authentication and storage of necessary data. A user can login or sign up before using the app. Once he logs in , he is asked for few parameters which are related to solar panels such as the type, the way of mounting, the tilt (angle panel makes with the vertical), the azimuth (angle of direction . i.e 0 degrees for North) and the expected panel losses. Once the user enters these details, it is stored and then user is taken to a device listing page. In the device listing page, the user adds devices which he wishes to run on solar power along with their power specifications and count.

We use the apis of resources provided by nasa to get the output of the solar panel based on these inputs along with other inputs like the geographic coordinates of the location. Once the user enters these details, he could go to the profile page and request to get his location. Once he starts tracking his location, the api will be called and the ouput data will be represented appropriately.

The output data include the units of electricity available per month for an year, solar irrandiance, and many other useful data. We can also calculate the tilt one should give to the solar panel based on the weather and location.
We found developing it for multiple platforms much effective than building it for android alone.

1. Cross platform application connected to firebase
2. User can enter solar panel specifications and get output predictions based on user location and other data.
3. User can set priority on devices and devices that can be used with available power can be identified.
4. User can calculate required tilt of the panel based on the current location.

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