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Global Finalist (Best Use of Data)
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The Challenge | You are my Sunshine

Create a medium to help people understand energy output from a solar panel, and a tool to plan energy consumption based on expected energy output from solar technologies.


With our solution you can manage energy coming from solar panels, while predicting energy production. Heliox manages energy flow from production to consumption. Based on weather forecasts, Heliox predicts how much energy will be produced in upcoming days.


Scientists from all over the world are calling for a transition from fossil fuels era to sustainable energy era. Solar power is one of the most efficient and environment friendly energy source. Solar is the future of energy production. But there are still a lot of problems like knowing how to get the most of energy produced and to understand how much energy a solar panel actually produces.

The Heliox team is made up of students majoring in Computer Science, Power Engineering, and Graphic Design. We love solving different problems, especially if they have potential of making life better for the many generations to come.

Heliox offers a new approach to the use of energy from solar panels and managing it. Using meteorological data and the panels' location, the system predicts the amount of energy that will be produced the following day.

Heliox web-app main features:

  • Visualization: help understand solar energy by giving real examples on its potential
  • Analysis: keeping track of the solar panels, energy generation and consumption
  • Planning tool: helping users plan day to day use of electrical devices, in a more efficient way.

Resources used:

Source code: https://github.com/rexhepberlajolli/heliox


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