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The Challenge | You are my Sunshine

Create a medium to help people understand energy output from a solar panel, and a tool to plan energy consumption based on expected energy output from solar technologies.


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It is a digital platform for optimization and better planning of solar energy consumption.


The context of the constant climate change and the concern for the preservation of humanity have prompted us to solve the problem of proper planning of solar energy consumption in relation to the solar panels available in the world.

In order to propose a product perfectly suited to our proposal of solar energy consumption solution, we carried out research and analyzes guided by the objectives targeted by our challenge. That's how our SunTech digital platform was created.

Nevertheless, we have been confronted with difficulties mainly of a technical nature, namely: the calculation rules suitable for determining the energy generated by a solar panel; the API to allow us to recover the weather data on the position of the user (radiation emitted by the sun ...). The most difficult point was to find the equation to use considering the current temperature, the presence of clouds, dust...

Despite these difficulties, we have a clear idea of what we are proposing and promise that if we have a little more time with an on-site inspection, we will be able to come up with a good product that can be used in the long term.

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SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.