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The Challenge | You are my Sunshine

Create a medium to help people understand energy output from a solar panel, and a tool to plan energy consumption based on expected energy output from solar technologies.

Smart Solar Sensors

We design sensors that measure the solar energy potential at your rooftop or backyard. Our innovation the SDC is easy to install, gives precise data that can be seen from everywhere at any time and is really affordable aimed for every household.


The solar revolution is on the horizon. It’s bringing ecological, reliable and sustainable energy to the world.

But many of us don’t know how much energy from a solar panel can be produced.

So our goal is to raise awareness and help people understand the potential of solar technology even at their rooftop or backyard.

In the end, this is the best economical and environmental-friendly investment everyone can do.


If we know the problem and the solution to it, why we don’t apply it? What is preventing us from embracing this bright new technology?

The most common reason is the skepticism among the population. “It’s too good to be true” – is what they say. But the scientists can prove it with clean facts, everyone just need to listen to them, or be informed by first hand to the truth.

Then there is the group of people who waits the government or the big corporations to solve the problem, without realizing that everyone is involved in this together. We all live on the same Earth, so we all need to address the Global Warming. Everyone needs to take part in the change they want to see.

The first step:

OK, you are convinced and ready to take part in the global ecological (also economical) movement, but from where to start? Should you apply this technology on your rooftop and/or backyard? When will the invested money payback? Or do you want to risk big money at something you never tried before?

These questions are why we formed our team and started our project SSS (Smart Solar Sensors). We are here to help the average citizen to have precise data, easy to understand how much solar potential they have at their rooftop and/or backyard.

How does SDC work?

Firstly, you need to install the SDC at any location you like. It’s unique design allows to stay stable at any angle (at any rooftop) and still have the sensors point in direction at the equator (thanks to the flexible joint).

Secondly, the SDC with its luminance and temperature sensors, keeps track (with timestamps) of all the data we need to calculate the solar potential at any given location. It is recommended the instrument to collect the data at least 1 year so we can have precise information about every season (month).

Thirdly, the SDC automatically sends the data on our server through the Internet and we use it with our algorithms.

Finally, we present the results with user-friendly maps and graphs on our easy to use software (cross-platform application). Everything that is left is to you is to input the price and efficiency of a solar panel you plan to install and we will give you exact calculation when it will pay-off (and from there on it’s a positive investment).


Unlike the competition, our product can be used everywhere in the world and our estimation is based on real on-site data.
Google Project Sunroof is limited to few countries in the world, and the data are based on satelite images. Other factors such as high buildings can impact the results.
It is limited to sunroofs, only, which means that you can not get information if you want to install a solar panel in an open field.

Close Future:

The global warming is the main threat to the modern world and mostly is caused by the by-products of gas, oil and coal as source of energy. The renewable source of energy is the only real solution and the solar technology is perfect for this. Not only it’s environmental-friendly but also a great economical investment. We have the tools to switch to this kind of energy source but it is only a matter of time until it is accepted by the common man.

Currently, less than 10% of households use solar panels. With our product, we expect the number to rise drastically in the next few years.

Prototype parts:
  • Arduino Uno
  • Ethernet Shield - Arduino
  • Aluminum construction
  • Light, humidity and heat sensor

Application frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Libraries: Google Chart and Google Maps API
Application backend: PHP,
Database: MySql
Arduino programing: Java
Apk: Android Studio



Presentation: LINK


Username : damjan@live.com

Pass: dampos


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