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Tampa, FL

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The Challenge | You are my Sunshine

Create a medium to help people understand energy output from a solar panel, and a tool to plan energy consumption based on expected energy output from solar technologies.

Sun Dial

Sun Dial is a planning tool that allows a user to get the most out of their solar power system.


Imagine this - you've signed up for a life on the new frontier, off the grid and ready to advance science and humanity further. Advances in solar technology and energy storage available today make it possible to rely on the sun as your primary energy provider. Are you prepared to adjust your life style for solar only living? Do you understand the challenges of living with limited energy source. Do you know how to adjust your power usage for a cloudy day?

Sun Dial is a python based application to help you understand the impacts of living off solar power. Plan your day full of electricity usage and watch how different solar weather impacts your battery power storage.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.