Shoe Kicking | 1D, 2D, 3D– Go!


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Local Peoples' Choice Winner

The Challenge | 1D, 2D, 3D– Go!

Create tools that visualize Earth science missions and their data in three dimensions!

Shoe Kicking

Kick a shoe and feel the earth! First VR/Real shoe kicking game in the universe. 靴を飛ばして地球を感じる!宇宙初のVR/リアル靴飛ばしゲーム

Shoe Kicking


Shoe Kicking is a VR game that enables you to experience shoe kicking in space.

This game turns ordinal shoe kicking, which everyone could have experienced in his or her childhood, into special experience that makes you familiar with the earth and space science.

You can change your height to 10,000 km. Using an actual shoe with a sensor device, you try to go around the world by shoe kicking.

You can experience effects of the Earth's features - round shape, rotation, gravity and atmosphere.

*Be careful of your actual shoe destination. You cannot see the shoe when you play the game since you wear VR goggles.

Shoe Kickingは、宇宙での靴飛ばしを体験できるVRゲームです。






Sound Effects: Pocket Sound –

Nasa Image and Video Library -


Masaya Tanaka - Team lead, Director, Software Engineer, made sensor on the shoe to VR communication. Passionate about creating contents that make children love the earth and space.

Naoaki Yamaji - Software Engineer, made VR simulation. Leading XR community in Osaka.

Yosuke Sakai - Software Engineer, made physical simulation of shoe kicking and UI. Former physics teacher.

Yoshimi Sugimoto - Hardware Engineer, created motion sensor device. Creating original wearable devices and input devices.

Ryosuke Nakamine - Planner, designed shoe and goal to play the game. Trying to connect new technologies to new businesses.

Nami Nishimura - Planner, made presentation and movie. Love sharing interesting, funny, or stupid ideas and works.


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