Spirit and Opportunity | 1D, 2D, 3D– Go!


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Global Nominee

The Challenge | 1D, 2D, 3D– Go!

Create tools that visualize Earth science missions and their data in three dimensions!

Mars 2035

An immersive survival exploration game set on Mars...

Spirit and Opportunity

It is the year 2035 and you are the first explorer on Mars. Your initial mission was to to discover if there is any evidence of life on Mars. Not all is well however. When you landed on Mars, the landing didn't go to plan and many of your equipment and supplies which you rely upon to survive were lost or destroyed. Making this worse is the fact that the next mission to Mars will be arriving in 6 months time. If you do not use your wits you most certainly will die. Can you use the scarce resources you have, as well as find new resources long enough for the relief mission to arrive as well as to evidence of life on Mars?


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