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Mobile Weather Station

This weather device has great utility and mobility. It shows you almost everything about the weather here and now.


Hello! We are 2B||!2B from Bulgaria. The people are getting more and more busy, so you need to know the weather at any time, but the sites for weather always forecast aren't the solution.

Our Mobile Weather Station provides information about the weather here and now. It is with small size so that makes it really compact. To send the information which it has gathered it needs Internet connection. We are using Arduino Uno R3, ESP8266, LEDs, BH1750, BME280, DHT11 and MQ135 to build the hardware and for Web Developing we are using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. To write the software which controls the Arduino we are using Arduino IDE. Despite that, we are planning to make it as small as phone or tablet case so we could attach it to the case and after adding GPS module we will get the device's position. Let's say that with this feature we will get specific weather conditions, not these for the whole town. We are going to make a mobile app so nevetheless we have a working site on dimitarkostov.eu, people will have the convenience to download the weather app on their phones.

We hope you like our project and thank you for your attention.


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