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Oxygen Production System From Mars Soil(OPSFMS)

OPSFMS is produces oxygen from mars soil on Mars surface and it is autonomous.

3 Smart Boys

What is the problem?

-The problem is oxygen insufficiency

What do we do?(What is the solution?)

-We produce oxygen from Mars soil.

Our project is Oxygen Production System From Mars Soil(OPSFMS).This system produces oxygen from mars soil on Mars surface.

A robotic arm picks up some soil that contains iron oxide(rust) and drops in the airlock.

The soil placed in the airlock is transferred to the electrolysis chamber.

A solution is formed by mixing the soil and the water transferred into the chamber.

An electric current generated by the batteries that have been charged via solar panels is fed in the solution through electrodes.

Then electrolysis begins.

Cations are reduced at the cathode whereas anions are exidized at the anode.As a result,iron deposits at the cathode whereas oxygen deposits at the anode.Oxygen generated are transferred to the steel cylinders via pipes and stored there under high pressure.

When the electrolysis is finished.the water left in the solution is first evaporated by heating the solution and then condensed for water conservation.Condensed water is transferred back to the water tanks for reuse.

Finally, remaining soil is ejected from the airlock.

The vehicle has been designed as double sided for durability under the conditions in MArs and as autonomous in order to eliminate the need for human interference, i.e..It could operate properly even when it is overturned or varry out unmanned missions.This movements are autonomous but repair and area selection are manual so NASA manages repair and area selection.

For repair;

Spare parts selected for amount of usage. For example;

Baseboard is the most important piece in the OPSFMS so It will need to 3 replacement piece.


Our project is cheaper then other spacecrafts on Mars surface.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.