Aguas con tu Agua | Bring Your Own Solution

Guatemala City

The Challenge | Bring Your Own Solution

Follow your brain and your heart, and present a solution of your own choosing!


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Aquabot is a virtual assistant helping to understand drinkable water problems in the cities.

Aguas con tu Agua

Aguas con tu agua is a group of people trying to create technological solutions for conservation of water in the cities. We're looking to create conscious in people about our responsibility in the way we use water and how we can help other people to get access to it.

Our project is about building tools for social media that can help us alert people and authorities about threats for drinkable water in our cities. Typically heavy crowded cities harvest their water far from it, so it's important to take care of it and improving the way we use it.

We created a bot using Facebook messenger technology that can ask and gather information about threats and pass that information to a web backend to be used by the government or enterprises in charge of administration.

We all are responsible, we all are affected, we all can help.

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