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our project paves the way to a good future and Human betterment


Tardigrades are one of the most animals who can survive extreme temprerature and the fact that they can live more than 200 years assume that they are nearly impossible to die ;;;;;; this fact can help us get a lot of benefits from this magic micro animal;;;;;moreover his resistence to UV rays and to cancer may help us transfer his genes into Human DNA by putting the code of hormone in the genome of the bacteria and this Bacteria will be responsible of this production;;;;;;

Furthermore and based on the fact that these moss piglets can go without eating and drinking we can equip it with small cameras and send it to the internal vacuums and volcanoes to discover this mysterious place that Human have been lokking for this solution for a long time ago ;;;;;

Add to that this micro animal is food on bacterias such as algaes and moss so that we can use them for water purifying ;;;

Really no one can deny that this micro animal is magical and with a little bit of ambition and a little bit of curiosity may discover more facts about it ;;;; And we hope so

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