BRITTER BAIRE | Bring Your Own Solution


The Challenge | Bring Your Own Solution

Follow your brain and your heart, and present a solution of your own choosing!


Prediction of an upcoming earthquake analysing NASA data portal & using machine learning.Rescue survivors from collapsed building based on heart beat monitoring and GPS location of wrist band.Donation app to collect money for affected people worldwide.


Overview: We are expecting to detect earthquake and notify people at about 1 minute earlier who are about 500km away from the epicenter. We are not saying we will save everyone but we ensure to increase the success rate of present rescue missions. We want to spread the message of humanity by creating a platform using which any individual from any country can take part in life saving through donation.

Resources: [1]NASA OPEN DATA PORTAL [2]

what we need: Govt. fund , help of gsm companies for accessing their local servers , participation of world race


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.