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CitizenCAN is a citizen science project portal to Canada’s space history and space future.


CitizenCAN is a citizen science project portal to Canada's space history and future. The project is a framework that will provide connections to citizen science projects, information, resources, and data.

Citizen science projects are an opportunity for Canadian Space Agency to open their data up to Canadians and the world in a fun and interactive way that lets participants contribute to real scientific projects.

Challenge #1: Be part of Canada's legacy in space!

The Solution: Agent Alouette

CitizenCAN responded to the Canadian Space Agency's challenge to be part of Canada's legacy in space by creating a citizen science project called "Agent Alouette" that will invite crowdsourcing to help analyze and collect data. Contributors will decipher the numeric and the Binary Digital Coding (BDC) used in 1963 from the Alouette-I satellite images to help manage and analyze the thousands of ionosphere images recently scanned by the CSA. Participants are also asked to spot hockey-shaped data pattens representing the “echoes” or “reflections” of the signal by the ionosphere.

Challenge #2: Get ready for next generation Earth observation data!

The Solution: RAD Views

CitizenCAN created a second citizen science project called "RAD Views" in response to another Canadian Space Agency challenge. This project is a tool to analyze current simulated RADARSAT data and to familiarize the public with the platform, which will be ready for new data to be added when the CSA launches three new satellites in 2018.

The Future

These are only two examples of citizen science projects that Canadian Space Agency can build, develop, implement, and present to the public using the CitizenCAN framework. Contributors will learn about the science and data that they analyze, and Canadian Space Agency will benefit by the crowdsourcing efforts while saving time, money, and resources.

We will maintain the data and add new images as they are made available, and promote public participation in the project. We will communicate the findings to contributors, the public, and science teams through the CitizenCAN website, an e-newsletter, and through our Twitter account.

Resources Used:

Zooniverse -
Canadian Space Agency open data from Alouette 1 and RCM -

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