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Seattle, WA

The Challenge | Bring Your Own Solution

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Better sleep and health, in general.

Deborah Ann Frederick

1. Garmin, Fitbit, etc.

2. Apple Mint Space Tea with Pabst and Windy Weather Pumpkin Pie made with Big Boy the Pom's Pumpkin (a small hybrid pumpkin developed for space).

3. NASA Weather and NASA Climate.

Will increase health in general by promoting sleep, the eating of fruits and vegetables, and in all human living environments and tourist and tourism environments, including jet flights, all upcoming suborbital tourist flights, and outer space flights including to the Moon, Mars and the International Space Station. As well as living at the ISS.

Integrates data and is used for better sleep and health, in general. Change in cabin pressure on flights activates benefits.

Ms. Frederick is working further and with others to develop the integration of data in accessible graphs that are fully integrated with personal statistics from Garmin and Fitbit including fitness information, consumption, size, time, what, calories, weather and climate at the time, notes on sleep and fitness and health in general, and any derived correlations and recommendations based on successful patterns.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.