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Fantastic Creatures

Fantastic Creatures aims at helping travelers, hikers, local residents, animal lovers to avoid the risk of getting injured by identifying areas with hazardous wildlife.

Fantastic Creatures
  • Background: Nowadays, more and more people want to see the nature in the raw but have a weak awareness of hazardous wildlife. Many of them do not really know about the animals who live in the area and which of them may cause a dangerous situation.
  • Functions: An AR app is provided as a solution
      • can login to store your travel route (has not been achieved during the hackathon)
      • can warn you when you get close to the habitats of some dangerous animals
      • can pop up a 3d model in front of your camera (augmented reality) to show the details of the hazardous animals
      • can provide you the contact information of the nearest health center (or rescue station) in case of emergencies
      • can take pictures of animals and detect their species (based on machine learning, image recognition) (has not been achieved during the hackathon)
  • Challenges: Offline app could requires larger memory to pre-store the local data (coordinates which indicate habitats of those hazardous animals and the description of those animals) on their phone. Offline app can not implement the function of picture recognition.

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