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DoorIno is a system for home doors, which helps people with special needs. DoorIno let's you unlock a door using three ways.The first way uses RFID Tag to unlock.The second way uses web browser to unlock. And the third way, uses a knocking pattern to open.


What is DoorIno System :

DoorIno system is designed to help people with special needs or even ordinary people can use it, DoorIno lets you unlock a door without a key, because to unlocking a door with a key is usually hard for old people or people with special needs, it has 3 methods which you can use to unlock the door.

The First Method : The first method uses RFID tags to unlock, this method is popular but we built it in case you don't want to use the other methods.

The Second Method : This method is more for ordinary people, the DoorIno has an Ethernet shield which create's a special website in you'r network, which can be easily accessed from you'r browser, and in that website you are asked about a password which can open a door.

The Third Method : This method is a special one, this method uses a knocking pattern which can be set by the owner and whenever you want to open the door again, you can use your knocking pattern to open it, for security we have set a button in the system so when you click the button you will be able to change the pattern, so that only you can know, this method would be the easiest one, so old people or blind people will have much easier to unlock the door.

How it was built it ?

To build this, it was required to have at least three Arduino Microcontroller boards,

In the first method, there is an RFID reader which reads the data on an RFID cards, so whenever an RFID card is approached to it, it simply reads the data and it knows who is trying to unlock the door.

In the second method, there is an Ethernet shield connected to the Arduino Uno board, this shield basically hosts a website on you'r network, in this case it hosts the website to unlock the door, that website has a text box where you can type the code and open it.

In the third method, there is an piezo disc sensor, this sensor records the vibrations level to the object that it's attached to, so each time you knock the piezo disc registers and if the knocking pattern is same as the one you have set, then it will unlock the door. This can be changed by a button attached to the microcontroller

The arduino's are connected to 5v Relay so it won't burn the circuit, and the 5v relay is connected to a simple door unlock'er which it unlocks a door using 12v signal.

Challenges We Faced

While doing this project we faced many challenges and problems,

  1. The piezo disc sensor was very sensitive, so it was basically detecting other sounds and not only the knocks, this was fixed when we modified the code and made the sensitivity level higher
  2. The Second Method security problem, while we were doing the project we realized the second way which uses a web-browser to unlock the door was vulnerable, so anybody who had access to your network would have opened the door, so then we created a password system embedded in the arduino board so it would be almost impossible to open the door without knowing the code.

Programming Languages we used :

  • Arduino IDE (Java NDK)
  • HTML

Software's Used To Realize The Project :

  • Adobe Photoshop (For Icon design, etc)
  • Adobe Premiere (For creating the video of the project)
  • Arduino IDE (For writing the code and uploading the code to board)
  • Notepad++ (For writing code in HTML, and for code analysis )

Components Used :

  • 3x Arduino Borads
  • Piezo Disc Sensor
  • 5v Relay
  • RFID Reader sensor
  • RFID Cards
  • Ethernet Shield
  • 2x Bread Board
  • LED's
  • Switch
  • Door Unlock'er
  • Door Structure

Resources :


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.