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Martian Trail

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Space race game from earth to mars

Martian Trail

We created a space traveling game with a focus on educating players of the challenges of going to Mars in a fun and occasionally unrealistic ways… Space Dysentery. Inspired by the Journey to Mars presentation and our love of the classic game Oregon Trail; we saw many parallels between the two. (A long treacherous journey of you and your companions against the elements) . We faced various challenged from broken software/hardware which allowed us to not complete development. We have some phase two goals such as:

•Complete development

•Interactive Event Scenarios opposed to our current spec’s use of weighted RNG which is influenced by the chosen ship, research, and crew members.

•Manually landing your rocket through the use of the arrow keys for directional thrust

•Solving timed line mazes to safely hide from intense radiation bursts

•Avoid asteroids and comets by steering your ship around them in a 2D side scrolling fashion

•New scenarios like asteroid mining for more resources/credits

•Surviving on Mars until a return flight can be made

•Add ability to return back to Earth


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.