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Life On

"Life On" imagines the colonization of two of our closest planetary neighbours - Mars and Venus - in a form of an educational RTS game experience.


The Project

We have created two visually specific environments - the ground environment on Mars and the cloudy high atmosphere environment of Venus. Colonizers of each planet would face specific difficulties while trying to sustain a healthy human population.

According to this research, a population of 40 000 humans is required to achieve a genetically viable population for multigenerational interstelar voyaging. The end goal of "Life On" is to achieve a population of 40 000 people in your colony, through strategic decisions about power, housing and food control.

The game imagines distant, or perhaps even near future, and the goal that the human race should set upon itself to sustain humankind - colonization of planets.


All models, GUI elements, textures and animations, as well as C# scripts, were created during the Space Apps Challenge.

Resources used: the sound effects were downloaded from and the cloud background was downloaded from here. The font we used was downloaded from here.

The game itself was made with Unity. Visual elements of the game (3D models, GUI elements, textures... ) were created using the following free software: SketchUp, Inkscape and Gimp.

Future of the project

There are various possibilities on how we can continue this project - from adding more planets, more educational material, more units, more modes, possible enemies, the list goes on.

We would like to focus on adding more educational material, such as basic information and tips showing when every building is selected and adding educational mini games in the game.

The project for testing can be found at


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