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Making Satellites Concise

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An Endeavour To Eliminate The Need For Multiple Data Satellites

The Smartest Man Ever

I set out to remove the clutter in our local space. Researching satellites launched in the past 25 years, I was able to use the "pros" and eliminate the "cons." I eventually came up with a proposed satellite that could implement key features of others. Using the base of the NOAA, I was able to graft the communications system and exhaust of the GPM. Implementing the "stereo" system of monitoring solar/lunar activity and the TDRS-L's geographical capabilities. Though not in wide use currently, the "origami" style solar panel layout was implemented to maximize energy conservation and use. The dexterity of a magnetosphere-circling satellite was implemented in an apparatus used to analyze and store any strange debris or material. My only Inability was to implement that same dexterity in the interior to monitor pressure and regulation. Overall, though not neccesatrily with this same model, I hope to see a movement to a more concise system of monitoring anomalies in and outside our local space.


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