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FFT Shoes

FFTShoes are connected shoes towards the farming field accompanied with an application to tell farmers if their ground is fertile or not. This permit to fight against malnutrition in Africa and worlwide but also to avoid failures of crop production.

World Changers

Our Project Explanation

FFT Shoes are created to be an innovating solution to farmers but also to a worldwide phenomenon : undernourishment.

How does they work ?

It is a very simple concept. Indeed, the farmers will just have to wear them and follow instructions.

It is a prototype composed of temperature and humidity sensors, Bluetooth card but also a PH meter. They are all connected with an Arduino board placed in the shoe heel which will save data with a memory card from the sensors and send them to the related application via Bluetooth, for the time being.

Satellite data will be used for large areas.

After the test, the collected data will permit the application to tell agricultures, already registered on it, if the ground is fertile or not, and inform them about which kind of cultures are most appropriated to that ground.

These shoes permit, therefore, not to waste time before being conscious that any ground is favorable or not, to the selected cultures, but also to be prepared for the humanity needs avoiding failures of crop production because we all have to bring our contribution to build our world by protecting him and its neighborhood.


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