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Team Updates

Our project was data concierge, we had to develop an artificial intelligence tool to help Earth science data users and enthusiasts to find data that interests them. Challenging part of this project was to find data. We developed program based on python. It's chat bot which communicates with the users asking information and give data website which might be useful to the user. The program asks the user what data did they search on a particular data. Training the program with user data, the program starts giving suggestion for particular search field which the user might find helpful. Other objective is that data from any website if available with geo-location it can export the data to google API and plot data with parameters. We did get some success in doing this project but it was a roller coaster ride. We hard struggle with programming as we had only two people involved in discussing in programming and the final programming was written by a single person.

Other fun part is that tools that we got learn and experience, even though we couldn't completely develop an AI. We got to meet amazing people and got improve ourselves in many ways. Tensorflow is one deep learning tool that amused us.

Akash Shetty

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