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Develop an artificial intelligence tool to help Earth science data users and enthusiasts find datasets and resources of interest!

Unofficial Data Concierge Bot: NASA

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create fb messenger assistant which help to find right gibs data and organize them

jakijak team

I focused on creating smart chatbot assistant which help user to understand NASA data, to work with them and actually find. I choose fb messenger platform because it is the most spread the world, but actually underlaying platform botstory allows integrate other platforms like Slack, Telegram and etc.


- I have used python and botstory platform for creating chatbots

- A lot of information about the project and data which we use you can find here https://github.com/botstory/nasa-bot/wiki.


The main challenge was to understand API and existing datasets, but lesson learned next time I will research documentation first.


There are a lot stay to finish (some issues and milestones could be find here https://github.com/botstory/nasa-bot/issues), So I'm only on first step of long road.

It is open source project and open for contribution as well I have plans to continue to develop it and lead it to some final stage.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.